Sports de pleine nature : canyoning, escalade, randonnée, trail... à Cilaos (974)

We are pleased to welcome you to the website of RUN EVASION, service provider specializing in outdoor sports, based in the cirque of Cilaos, Reunion.

Our services include canyoning, snorkelling, trailing through the lava tunnel and trail/hiking and more. RUN EVASION makes you discover the beauty of Reunion, the largest volcano in the world resting on the sea and the paradise for mountain activities through activities such as sledding in natural water slides and abseiling in invigorating waterfalls.

We will take you to Cilaos, one of the 3 cirques that make up the island. And when we speak of canyon descent in Reunion, we cannot forget the unmissable sites of Fleurs Jaunes et Bras Rouge.

The whole team of RUN EVASION, all state graduates, strives to give you the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments in this mecca of outdoor sports3. You'll also enjoy a panoramic and unique view of the cirque.

Canyoning and hiking enthusiasts or nature lovers, beginners, experts, feel free to contact RUN EVASION to benefit from our services!