Canyoning or canyon descent, is an activity that combines slides over natural water slopes and abseiling under invigorating waterfalls. RUN EVASION offers canyoning services within the cirque of Cilaos where we find the most beautiful canyons of Reunion.

We offer canyoning on exceptional sites :

The Bras Rouge Canyon :

  • a water dominant canyon that offers the most varied joys of canyoning. It is more suited to an experienced public, with its 6 slides, its 11 vertical drops of 10 to 23 meters in height and 5 jumps up to 5 meters in height.

The Fleurs-jaunes canyon :

  • it is the best known of Reunion Island. Carved in the middle of a cliff of 300 meters, it has 2 slides, 7 drops of 11 to 55 meters in height and 4 jumps that can reach 5 meters in height. The Fleurs-jaunes canyon will delight both enthusiasts of the discipline and beginners.

The mini Fleurs-Jaune canyon :

  • this canyon is especially ideal for a first experience of canyoning. It features 2 slides, 4 drops of from 10 to 35 meters in height and 1 jump of 2 meters. This canyon will help you progress during your canyoning apprenticeship.

RUN EVASION offers canyoning opportunities in renowned and leading spots. Come and discover this unique sensation!